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The e7 team arrives in Bhutan
by iNet News M
Bhutan MicroSolar Distance Learning Initiative
source: iNetNews

Toru Yamanaka about to board Druk Air flight to Paro, Bhutan
Photo: Ron Swenson
Thimphu, Bhutan •• Nov. 5, 2002 •• SolarQuest® iNet News Service ••

Serge Trussart and Koshi Nakagawa were up early today to catch the flight from Bangkok to Paro.
Bangladesh is a Water World! But the team stopped here only for a short while.
The Mountains define a way of life in Bhutan.
Rice is grown in terraces that sometimes are found in the most unlikely places.
The Eagle Has Landed.
This house on a hill is typical. The people of Bhutan don't have any trouble getting their exercise.
With cliffs on one side and a river on the other, this checkpoint is easy to maintain. Straight ahead is the road to India.
That's chili drying on this "Hot Tin Roof!"
Destination Thimphu
A traffic light was put up a few years ago and everyone objected. Back to basics.

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