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Congo (Kinshasa) Has Plenty of Resources to Share
by Mayard Williams
US / Africa Energy Ministers Conference
source: Village Power 2000

Tucson, AZ •• Dec. 16, 1999 •• SolarQuest® iNet News Service •• This country is definitely "blessed" as Pascal Kunda Paka Mbimbi, representing Congo (Kinshasa) explained. Congo is located in one of the most strategic spots on the continent of Africa. Congo's location is strategic because of its natural source of abundant water. In a country where an ample water supply means the difference between electricity and food, this country is well on its way into the future. Thru the words of an interpreter you can vividly see that Mbimbi is really adamant of utilizing and protecting this valuable resource, without the intervention of others coming in and trying to exploit them.

The Congo River currently produces over 300 billion kWh per annum. They presently are implementing more power stations to adequately control the energy capabilities gained from the use of hydro-electricity. One of the prosperous signs is that the river flows at a decline upstream so the addition of power stations at various points can be implemented upstream with out the loss of powerful currents for hydro-power.

"Congo today is rich in copper, gold, diamond and many other natural elements. Even though we are bountiful in such areas, we still have problems of getting adequate energy to the rural areas of Congo", Mbimbi said. They feel that the resources coming out of Congo will help them negotiate for the technology needed to implement into the rural areas where the crisis is more serious.

Congo feels that the role of their nation will be based on the electricity they have now, and capabilities for progressive technology advances they can achieve. With American technologies Congo welcomes some of the more advance equipment to help them achieve the best efficiencies out of the resources that they presently have.

African unification is very important in order to facilitate the new ideas that are coming about in the world today. If Congo can develop there resources at a low cost they will be able to furnish power to countries that is in more need then they are. They want their country and other countries to benefit from the bountiful resource that they have, but Mbimbi feels they should be in control of the decision making. Congo feels that they are not holding the water captive, they would love to share their resources with neighboring countries. However, these countries want to take their supply as if it where there own. This problem has caused serious tension between Congo and some of the neighboring countries to the extremes of war. To help each other they would need to eventually think of the bigger picture and do one of the easiest negotiations today…share.

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