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Last Chance to Participate in the Echolist Contest
by James B
People Making Connections
source: ECOTOPIA

•• Nov. 8, 2005 •• SolarQuest® iNet News Service •• Webmasters and Internet enthusiasts only have a short amount of time left to join the Echolist Contest and participate for the chance to win $1000! The Echolist contest is in its final stage and will come to a close in just under 2 months. So far we’ve had a great response among amateur webmasters as well as pros. The beauty of this contest is that it’s open to everyone. To date we’ve had 3 lucky winners so far but it is yet to be determined who will take home the grand prize of $1000 cash.

Echolist is one of the largest directories on the web. The concept behind the Echolist contest is simple: If your site ranks number 1 on a Google search for the word Echolist you win the contest. Before the contest began 6 months ago a simple Google search for the word “Echolist” only returned about 100 results but today that same search will bring up 1.4 million results. The response to the Echolist contest has been formidable and the online community has shown great interest in this event so far.

So if you are interested in participate it’s not too late. Go to and find out more about how to join the Echolist Contest, Remember, Google updates and changes its results listing every second so the final winner of the Echolist contest is based on the person who receives the number 1 result the moment the contest closes in 56 days from now.

Echolist is a massive directory listing that features quality links to every possible subject on the internet. This directory also includes Exclusive Web News , a search tool and links to some of the other major directories on the Internet. For a complete listing of popular subjects broken down by category check out the extensive Echolist directory. You can improve your site’s rank and enjoy increased web traffic by Adding Your Website to our directory.

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