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General procedures to begin using the Virtual SchoolHouse:

The goal of the Virtual SchoolHouse is to provide a medium whereby Teachers and Students can participate in a growing community of people pursuing common goals. Once your School is "Accepted" into the SchoolHouse by the Webmaster, Teachers can create Quests and negotiate Tasks with Students. Students will Report on these Tasks and Teachers will Review and Comment on the Students' Reports. If these Reports meet the Teacher's criteria, they will be "Accepted" to be posted on the Web for the Public to see. Over time, the SchoolHouse will contain a wealth of knowledge, and all participants will be able to build upon the work of the past.

According to our Terms of Acceptable Use ("TAU") there will be no restrictions on the use of material developed by others.

Click here for step-by-step instructions and additional information:

Summary of Procedures:

  1. Select an Administrator for your Virtual SchoolHouse.
  2. The school's Adminstrator then may register your new virtual school (following the arrow on the Schoolhouse Welcome page).
  3. As soon as the SchoolHouse Webmaster "Accepts" your School, then your Quests, Tasks and Reports can be viewed.
  4. Once your School is Accepted, Teachers (which can include the School Administrator and Students who are teaching a Quest) can create Quests (and then Tasks). Just follow the arrow to your Virtual Schoolhouse.
  5. Students and the public will be able to see Quests once the school Administrator has "Accepted" them. The Administrator does this ...
    1. ... by logging in on the Welcome page where it says "View your own info" or, if already logged in, by clicking on "Your Info" near the upper right corner of the page ...
    2. ... and then following the arrow to the section of the Info page entitled "Administer Schools" ...
    3. ... and then clicking on the School's "Quests" link.

  6. Once Quests have been "Accepted," Students can select their Virtual School at the arrow, check out the Quests there, enroll in a Quest, examine the Tasks, and make a Report on a Task.
  7. In the beginning, the Student's work will not be posted for the Public to see. To post Students' work, the Teacher will ...
    1. ... log in at the Welcome page (Click where it says "View your own info") or if you are already logged in, click on "Your Info" near the upper right corner of any page ...
    2. ... and then follow the arrow to the section of the Info page entitled "Quests you have created" ...
    3. ... and then click on a particular Quest's "Edit" link.
    4. Then on the "Edit a Quest" page, click on "People" near the top of the page, or go to the bottom and click on the link "Manage status of registered people"
    5. ... which will take you to a screen where you may change the Status of Students who have enrolled in your Quest. You can select from "Pending" to "Accepted", "Suspended", or "Denied".

  8. Once enrolled in a Quest, Students may follow the arrow to their School's Quest listings, select their appropriate Quest, then select a Task, and then submit Reports on that Task.
  9. Teachers may then click on "Your Info" near the upper right corner of the page and follow the arrow to Review Reports, which in turn can be changed from "Pending" to "Accepted," "Suspended" or "Denied".
  10. When these steps are completed, SchoolHouse participants and the General Public will be able to View Quests, Tasks and Student Reports with their associated Teacher Reviews.

These instructions will be upgraded and updated as the Virtual SchoolHouse continues to develop.

Virtual Schoolhouse Technology Copyright 1998-2005, EcoSage Corporation