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EcoSage is a Vermont-based private educational services company, creating experience-based environmental education programs in America's schools, with a curriculum structured around students' relationships to people in their community.

E*co*sage (e*co*saj) n. A student of profound, practical wisdom who follows the infinitely complex and diverse designs of nature.

Read about the Global Digital Library: Community Informatics for Rural Development

World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa. The iNet News Team was there. [August 2002]

African / US Energy Ministers Meet again in Durban, South Africa for the Second Africa Energy Ministers Conference. The iNet News Team was there. [December 2000]

Village Power 2000 Team Bolivia installs solar powered satellite based internet connection in the remote community of Porvenir. [October 2000]

Solar Light for Churches of Africa. The iNet News Team helps install solar systems in Uganda. [July 26-Aug 12, 1999]

Operation Day's Work. The iNet News Team participated in the Constitutional Convention for Operation Day's Work. [July 18-23, 1999]

Adventure Tour '99. Youth Leadership Weekend held by the Michigan Community Foundation's Youth Project. [June 24-27, 1999]

The National Town Meeting for a Sustainable America. The iNet News Team has been to Detroit, and the Youth Delegates were heard! [May 2-5, 1999]

Join students from around the world in the quest for sustainable energy in the 21st Century.

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AEP Part of e7 Project To Construct Micro-Hydro Turbine in Bhutan
AEP leads e7 program to install wind turbines in Galapagos
Kyocera Supplies 2.4 MW Solar to California Fairgrounds
Outcomes of the Joburg Summit
Breath of fresh air: e7, an NGO with a grassroots approach
Porvenir Instalación
NTM: Poetic Reflections and Sustainable Phenomena
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